avatar costumes popular halloween costume theme this year

Winner of three Oscar awards for Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography and for Best Visual Effects, James Cameron’s movie Avatar is an epic tale that has captured the hearts and imaginations of the world. This year, trick or treaters and party goers will be wearing their fanaticism on their sleeve (and maybe even on their faces) when they put together their own avatar movie costumes. You can be sure that you will see more than one Avatar at your door!
Depending on the role that you want to play, there are essentially two formats to this costume choice. The first is as a native of Pandora, a Na’vi. The second is as an Avatar, such as the one that Jake Sully becomes while there.
If you are dressing as a Na’vi, you will want to first put on your bodysuit so that you do not ruin it when you try to pull it on later. Braid your hair, or put on your braided hair wig. Put in your cat-eye contact lenses. Then apply blue body paint as a base for your makeup all over your face, neck and down to where the body suit will start to cover. Make sure you remember to paint your ears. When it is dry, you can put the bodysuit back over onto your shoulders. Using a brush, paint black stripes from your crown toward your brows, do the same from the side of your cheeks toward your nose, stopping mid-cheek. Now apply white dots in between the stripes and under the eyes. Apply a pinkish blush for women, a bronze for men, on the cheeks. Then put paper ears onto bobby pins and stick into your hair above your ears. Also make certain to include feathers in your hair.